Russia: NF Missile Cruiser Petr Vliky Passes Kara Strait

Russia: NF Missile Cruiser Petr Vliky Passes Kara Strait

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NF Missile Cruiser Petr Vliky Passes Kara Strait

Northern Fleet (NF) nuclear-powered missile cruiser Petr Veliky on Sept 14 passed the Kara Strait between the Novaya Zemlya and the Vaigach islands. To maintain security of the Arctic deployment, crews of onboard helicopters Ka-27 performed several flights and monitor ice situation on the route.

During the cruise in sub-Arctic zones of the Northern Sea Route, the crew of Petr Veliky will accomplish combat training tasks. NF marine unit attached to the cruiser has already started drills along with helicopter pilots. In particular, ‘black berets’ practiced boarding the ship from the hovered helicopter by a special windlass.

On Sept 12, Petr Veliky left Severomorsk and set a course for the Kara Sea. Through the first two days, the ship has covered over 600 nautical miles.

The deployment is held under the Russian Maritime Doctrine implying resumption of Russian naval presence in the key regions worldwide.


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Source: Russian Navy, September 18, 2012; Image: Flot


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