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P677 Cormoran, laid down 25 May 1994, launched 15 May 1995, entered service 29 October 1997
The Flamant class patrol vessel are a class of three Type OPV54 patrol boats of the French Navy used for fishery monitoring, search and rescue, and patrolling France's Exclusive Economic Zone out to 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi).[1]
The three boats were ordered in August 1993 and entered service in October and December 1997. They are based at Cherbourg.[1]
In addition to their usual facilities the boats are also equipped with two 8 m3 (280 cu ft) tanks for anti-pollutants, and a water cannon for fire fighting. They have a plant capable of producing 15 tonnes of fresh water per day by reverse osmosis. The boats have an area for vertical replenishment.[1]
Each boat carries a 6.7 m (22 ft) Zodiac "Hurricane" rigid-hulled inflatable boat, powered by a 200 hp (149 kW) water jet engine that gives a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph).

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