HMS Euryalus and HMS Bristol in background

HMS Euryalus and HMS Bristol in background
HMS Euryalus (F15) was a Leander-class frigate of the Royal Navy (RN). Like the rest of the class, Euryalus was named after a figure of mythology. Euryalus was built by Scotts Shipbuilders of Greenock. Euryalus was launched on 6 June 1963, and commissioned on 16 September 1964.
This Euryalus was the sixth of the name and had a strong liaison with the Lancashire Fusiliers, whose motto (Omnia Audax) she bore from the 4th Euryalus landing its 1st Battalion at W Beach, Gallipoli, where the Regiment "won six Victoria Crosses before breakfast".
HMS Bristol (D23) is a Type 82 destroyer, the only vessel of her class to be built for the Royal Navy.[2][3] Originally intended as the first of a class of large destroyers to escort the CVA-01 aircraft carriers projected to come into service in the early 1970s, Bristol turned out to be a unique ship: the rest of the class were cancelled with the CVA-01 carriers in the 1966 Strategic Defence Review. Following a long career which included the Falklands War, she was converted into a training ship in 1987 and continues to serve in that role.

from John Currin (JC - Ex RNZN) - Google+ Public Posts