ML 1387 at GOSPORT

ML 1387 at GOSPORT
ML1387, HMS Medusa, is a Harbour Defence Motor Launch built in Poole in 1943, one of 480 vessels designed to provide an offshore anti-submarine screen for harbours. Entirely built of wood, and powered by diesel engines, they were not fast but had huge endurance. The orginal concept was for them to be transported to where they were needed as deck cargo but soon they were making the passages themselves from the UK to the Mediterranean, West Indies, South Africa and the Far East.

The Medusa Trust, a registered charity, exists to preserve HMS Medusa, ML1387, for future generations. Our mission is to keep Medusa operational and at sea for as long as possible as a tribute to the veterans, education of the public and inspiration of the young.

As well as the vessel we maintain an extensive archive of documents, photographs and records of all the 480 HDMLs and their crews. You can find it on this web site under the Archive tab above. We are always keen to receive new material and records of experiences on these vessels.

Medusa's importance to the nation's maritime heritage is recognised by her inclusion in the National Historic Fleet.

The video below tells a little of her vital role at D-Day. Further video in the video archive.

from John Currin (JC - Ex RNZN) - Google+ Public Posts