Royal Navy minehunter HMS Grimsby starts refit

Royal Navy minehunter HMS Grimsby starts refit
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Royal Navy minehunter HMS Grimsby arrived in Rosyth Royal dockyard, berthing for a refit following six months of operations.

In Rosyth, Grismby will receive a full refit that will encompass deep level maintenance, fit of new equipment upgrades (a new sonar fit that will make Grimsby the most advanced in the fleet) and a new paint job.

Since her last refit over 5 years ago, Grimsby has traveled over 43,000 miles, had 7 different crews and visited over 18 different countries including Portugal, Morroco, Spain, Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden through countless exercises and 1000s of hours of MCM Operations.

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