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Tank of the day: Friday special: MS-1/T-18 light tank

The MS-1 light tank was an inter-war period tank and it was the first ever tank designed by the Soviet Union. It was heavily influenced by the Renault FT but with upgraded vertical spring suspension, a better engine and other improvement. It had between 6-16mm of riveted armour, slightly thicker than the Renault, with the same 37mm gun in a hotchkiss style mounting, with 35° horizontal and +30° to -8° vertical traverse. This was kinda pointless since the turret could traverse 360°. It was faster and more manouverable than the FT 17, and had more armament : in the hull was a twin barelled 6.5mm machine gun in a ball mount. This was later replaced with a 7.62mm. There were two turrets: a sloped octagonal one and a rectangular elongated one. The elongated version had extra storage for ammunition, but the octagonal slopes provided better protection with a higher chance to ricochet a bullet. The new suspension gave the tank better accuracy and stability when firing from rough terrain, and allowed it to go off-road faster than the Renault. The gun however lacked proper optical sights, instead using diopter sights or magnified glass, making it not as accurate as it could be. It fired shrapnel projectiles at a rate of 10-12 rounds a minute making them very effective against infantry and lightly armoured targets. Because it lacked the ability to cross trenches that were 2 meters wide, a tail was added to the front as well, like the one on the rear. This hindered the driver's visibility though, and was later removed.
Overall it was simply an improvement over the FT 17, but it was also Russia's first attempt at mass producing tanks and gave them a good amount of experience


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